Event schedule:


Dwayne 'Roli' Roloson, hockey pals, and YOU (if +18). 


A virtual event to listen to Roli the Goalie and pals tell some beauty hockey stories.


Friday June 4, 2021* 8-9PM

*pending NHL schedule


If the Edmonton Oilers are in a run to the cup and play on Fri Jun 4, we bet fans will be running to watch the game live! Don’t sweat it, we’ve got an alternate for ‘A Night with KidSport presents Run to the Cup with Roli’ set for Sat Jun 5, 2021.


From the comfort of your home... this is virtual!


Because you're amazing, we're amazing and together we can do amazing things for the kids in our community! 

***Ticket sales close at 5 p.m. on June 4, 2021...don't miss out!!!***

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